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  1. Self-monitoring Chef using Sensu

    Chef is one of the most popular tools for DevOps awesomeness, and you won't believe what's one of the biggest causes of chef-server unavailability: disk full

  2. Creating a local Chef repository with Pulp

    It's very common these days to leave part, or even your whole farm, on an air gapped environment. It will definitely make it harder for malicious visitors to gain unauthorized access, but you'll have some other things to worry about regarding the management of that infrastructure. …

  3. Automated Cassandra Cluster on AWS

    Cassandra has grown a lot the past few years and now is one of the most used NoSQL (hate this term) database for all kinds of projects.
    A while ago I worked on a quick project to create a script to automatically launch and setup Cassandra clusters on AWS, with zero human iteration. I decided to share my work in case someone needs to achieve something similar. …

  4. The ultimate development machine

    Back in the day I used to use several VM's on a Linux desktop to be able to do my work efficiently. One VM for each different linux distribution I had to deal with, one VM for each different Windows Server I had to support, and all my coding/scripting/tooling on linux, shared to the VM's using Samba. …

  5. Uninstalling unnecessary apps from Windows 10

    MacOS quickly became the standard for development and sysadmin work, and after over 10 years using a handful of Linux desktops as my primary computer, that sounded like the natural upgrade for me. My past employer got me my first Macbook Pro a couple years ago, and after 6 months hating every single bit of it, I decided to give Windows 10 a try and had it installed using bootcamp. I'm pretty sure that hating the Mac had some sort of psychological effect, because I absolutely loved Windows 10 and I have been using it since then. …